County Fleet Services Earns National Recognition

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF. – The County of Santa Clara’s Facilities and Fleet (FAF) Department was recently ranked as the 12th leading fleet in the nation by Government Fleet Magazine at the Government Fleet Expo & Conference in Detroit. Winning fleets were judged by a show of leadership with staff, with customers, and with the community. 

Government Fleet Magazine Customer Success Manager, Shantell Guerra and David Worthington pose for a picture with the APWA 12th best fleet award
County Fleet Manager Dave Worthington accepts APWA 12th best fleet award from Government Fleet Magazine Customer Success Manager, Shantell Guerra

Judges commended FAF for its 98% fleet availability, 70-75% technician productivity, and turnaround time of 75% within 24 hours. The judges also cited the departments staff communication and its focus on employee mental health.

“The team at Facilities and Fleet works hard to provide County departments with the best service so they can meet the needs of the public,” said Jasneet Sharma, Director of the Office of Sustainability. “They are committed to reducing the County’s carbon footprint and have worked hard to update the fleet and maintain fuel efficient vehicles and are working to transition 600 trucks and 100 other light duty vehicles to electric before the State of California deadline to end sale of new fossil fuel cars and light trucks by 2035. This award is a testament of how the County, and the Fleets and Facilities department, is a leader in building a sustainable future.” 

Government Fleet Magazine also cited the department for its efficiency in overcoming challenges and for its clear vision and direction for operations. 

three electric vehicles lined up plugged in to charging stations
The County currently has 536 vehicles in its "Green Fleet."

The FAF Department has 55 employees and provides services to County departments and offers resources and programs to the public. FAF maintains and repairs 2500 vehicles and other equipment, provides building security, and distributes mail and parcel processing to County Departments. 

By Matthew Rudig, Office of Communications and Public Affairs


A Sustainable Fleet - A Sustainable Future

Emissions from Vehicle Fleet accounts for 7% of total greenhouse emissions from County operations. The County’s Green Fleet currently includes 536 vehicles that make up 26% of the on-road fleet which have traveled more than 12.4 million miles. Several initiatives are underway to electrify the County fleet and expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure:  

  • The County’s Green Fleet includes 536 vehicles that make up 26% of the on-road fleet which have traveled more than 12.4 million miles.
  • The Facilities and Fleet department is currently analyzing what locations in the County can support the installation of additional electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the near term to recharge EV sedans and large trucks.
  • A Pilot Program in collaboration with the County Parks and Recreation department and grant funding from Silicon Valley Clean Energy, to deploy of an off-grid mobile solar charging station with battery storage that will be moved between four County parks to test its operation under solar energy generating conditions. Ultimately, the mobile solar station will be used to support operations in the event of a power outage or localized emergency and for the use of EV trucks. 
  • A Photovoltaic Solar Array project at the County’s main fleet maintenance facility is forecast to be completed by the end 2022, which will supply up to 79% of the facility’s electrical needs and reduce CO2 emissions by 621 metric tons.
  • The Sheriff’s Office will increase the number of hybrid patrol vehicles to 36 within the next 12 months with a projected lifetime savings of 10,000 gallons of fuel,  88.9 metric tons of CO2, and $361,000 in fuel costs.
    A photo of a mobile solar array in a field

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