Student Art Project “Peace, Love, Unity” is on Display at the County Administration Building

Division of Equity and Social Justice awards community engagement mini grants to fight hate and promote tolerance

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF., – The County of Santa Clara Division of Equity and Social Justice (DESJ) awarded 40 mini grants of up to $2,500 each to individuals, groups, and organizations that developed campaigns to promote cultural understanding and to support those affected by hate and bias.

One of the awardees, Omniware Networks, created an art contest that was open to all Santa Clara County students from kindergarten through 12th grade. 

See what some of the students said about their artwork and why they created it:

Minerva depicts children from around the world who are holding puzzle pieces of the peace dove that will, hopefully, bring people together.

Cooper drew the earth surrounded by a dove with an olive branch because he wants the war in Ukraine to end. 


Clemence understands that the world isn’t perfect. However, if we come together to bandage our wounds, we can heal over time.

Helen says that her piece represents the voices of teenagers who want to live in a peaceful environment.

Lastly, Ella ponders war from a child’s perspective. Whether you are a child seeing a parent going to war, or you see a soldier approaching, the fear is the same. She believes no one wants war and hopes that people strive for unity.

“Children are the most valuable assets and our future leaders of community. We are very grateful to have this opportunity to be educated by our children's artwork to learn about their perspectives of, and desire for Peace Love Unity, and their feelings toward hate and bias acts.” - Fengdi Xu, President of Omniware Networks.

The Peace, Love, Unity art display will hang at the County of Santa Clara Administration Building until the end of May. When the artwork comes down, the sentiment will live on as we look at the cost and the pain of war through the children’s eyes.

By Matthew Rudig, Office of Communications and Public Affairs


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