Almost 1 in 3 Santa Clara County Teens Have tried vaping

Santa Clara County, Calif. – New data released today show widespread and increasing use of e-cigarettes, or vapes, among high school students in Santa Clara County and across California. More than 31 percent of teens surveyed in Santa Clara County reported that they had ever tried e-cigarettes. Some of this group were already regular users of vapes despite their young age. Indeed, more than 13 percent of teens in the survey currently used e-cigarettes, meaning that they reported vaping in the last month. At the same time, use of combustible cigarettes by youth in the county in the past month declined to a low of 1.4 percent. This is a decrease since 2015-2016, when a previous study of middle and high school students found that 3 percent of youth in the county used combustible cigarettes in the past month.


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