County Hosts Fourth Annual Data Privacy Day

Smart Communities: Digital Connections and Privacy Protection

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF., – The County of Santa Clara Privacy Office will host its fourth annual Data Privacy Day event next week. The topic for this year’s virtual event is Smart Communities: Digital Connections and Privacy Protection. Smart Communities are cities, counties, and other entities that use technology such as the internet, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and similar technologies to understand and connect people to services. 

The free Zoom webinar will be from 10 a.m. to noon PST on Wednesday, Jan. 26. This virtual event is open to employees and members of the public who would like to learn more about this exciting topic. People can register at

 “In Santa Clara County, we’re at the leading edge – bridging the gap between technology and privacy,” said County Supervisor Joe Simitian. “I’m proud the County is looking thoughtfully and thoroughly at Smart Community opportunities as we navigate the challenges to digital growth, while still protecting people’s privacy and civil liberties. I look forward to working on these issues in a way that improves people’s lives.”

There will be two expert panels to discuss the benefits and tradeoffs of Smart Communities. Panelists will provide an overview on the fundamentals of smart technology, present examples of how these digital tools are used across the country, and explain the need to leverage smart technologies in a way that integrates personal privacy and builds public trust.

“We hope that people will attend this virtual event and not only learn about the advantages of Smart Communities, but how they need to be balanced with privacy in mind,” said County of Santa Clara Chief Privacy Officer Mike Shapiro. “This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the benefits of allowing devices and sensors to communicate with each other to improve lives – in everything from electricity use and infrastructure management to decision making systems designed to manage resources optimally – and also understand the potential costs of not using that technology properly.”

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