County Identifies Lead Hazard; Businesses Close for Abatement

 SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF.--Today, the County of Santa Clara received results of lead tests conducted inside the buildings at Target Masters West and Sweet’s Gymnastics in Milpitas. The testing, done in conjunction with the State of California Department of Public Health, showed elevated levels of lead on surfaces inside both businesses.

These results indicate an elevated risk of lead exposure for people inside the buildings, and the County immediately took action to close the businesses to the public. The County is working with both businesses to ensure proper abatement takes place and that both remain closed until the situation is remedied.

Based on current information, there is no risk to the general public outside of the impacted buildings. Additional information is being collected as part of the ongoing investigation. The Public Health Department and the Department of Environmental Health are seeking information from both businesses about employees and clients who have been in the building within the last 30 days and will be contacting those individuals directly. We are also working with partners at state agencies to assess the level of potential risk to individuals who visited the businesses prior to this period. Individuals concerned about potential exposure to lead should consult their medical provider.

“We continue to work in conjunction with the City of Milpitas, county, and state agencies to ensure appropriate steps are taken to protect public health, safety, and the environment,” said Michael Balliet, Director of the Department of Environmental Health.”

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Posted: May 3, 2019

MEDIA CONTACTS: Roger Ross, Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency, (408) 918-4620, [email protected]; Britt Ehrhardt, County of Santa Clara Public Health Department, (408) 792-5155, [email protected]


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