County of Santa Clara Employees Pledge More than $800,000 in Support of Local Charities

2016 Giving Campaign Marks More than 40 Years of County Employees Fundraising for Residents in Need

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF. County of Santa Clara employees were recognized on Monday for pledging more than $800,000 to support the County’s 2016 Combined Giving Campaign, which ended December 2, 2016. The pledges will support the local community during the 2017 calendar year.  The collaborative fundraising effort, launched in 1973, gives employees from various County departments and agencies the opportunity to contribute to charitable causes, by pledging to support hundreds of nonprofit organizations through bi-weekly payroll deductions or one-time contributions.

“Year after year, thousands of County employees are selflessly sharing their own personal resources with others in need,” said President Dave Cortese, County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors. “Not only are they committed to providing services to residents on a daily basis, but they are helping expand the reach and impact of charities close to their hearts.” 

Since 1995, the Combined Giving Campaign has collected more than $13 million on behalf of hundreds of charities focused on health and human services, environmental and educational programs.  For the 2016 Combined Giving Campaign, more than 2,700 employees pledged $808,567 to assist 1,070 nonprofit organizations.  For the 2015 Combined Giving Campaign County employees gave $780,254.62 to hundreds of agencies and community organizations. 

“Our employees know firsthand they can make a difference with their actions,” said County Executive Jeffrey V. Smith M.D., J.D. “Their willingness to help others less fortunate is very inspiring, because they are generously increasing resources to benefit the community they serve.” 

Each year, two departments on behalf of the County Executive volunteer to co-chair and champion the Combined Giving Campaign. For 2016, employees from the County’s Finance Agency and the District Attorney’s Office spearheaded the effort and set the fundraising goals.

“We are very proud of this collective achievement,” said Finance Agency Director Emily Harrison, co-chair of the 2016 Giving Campaign.  “These funds will support vulnerable populations that depend on us for safety net services.” 

 “From these donations to our daily work, the employees of the District Attorney’s Office are deeply committed to this community,” said Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen. “Every donated dollar that goes to feed a hungry child, to prevent elder abuse, or to any one of the worthy causes helped by this giving campaign, makes a difference. Making a difference is why 570 employees of the District Attorney’s Office and I proudly serve Santa Clara County.”


Combined Giving Campaign results for the past 21 years include:

Campaign Total Dollars  
Year Contributed by County Employees
2016                       $808,567                          
2015 $780,265
2014 $784,062
2013 $784,012
2012 $737,670
2011 $563,861
2010 $892,096
2009 $1,053,008
2008 $1,055,455 
2007 $1,100.020
2006  $931,790
2005 $769,312 
2004  $750,935
2003 $630,945
2002 $674,543
2001 $400,185
2000 $306,000
1999 $298,982
1997 $247,371
1996 $220,000
1995 $206,061


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